Loving God, we come to You,
standing together in faith,
ready to realize the freshness of a bold endeavor,

as we look to the future of our Church.

Building up the Kingdom of God on earth
is Your will and our privilege.
Bless our efforts with the energy and enthusiasm we need. 

Jesus, our Redeemer, encourage and guide us.
Open our hearts to be good stewards
because of our love for You.

Holy Spirit, our Sanctifier, empower us
to carry out Your will for the Upon This Rock campaign.

May Your Goodness be upon us,
And give us success to the work of our hands and hearts.

We ask Your blessing now and always
through Christ Our Lord.

Campaign Goals

Those We Serve

Parish Life

$35 million


$5 million

Pastoral Care

$16 million

Pastoral Care Goal Breakdown

  • Evangelization and Catechesis Endowment
    $13 million
  • Communications and Outreach
    $1 million
  • Mother Teresa Home
    $2 million

Those Who Serve

Christ the King

$8 million

Healthcare for Retired
Diocesan Priests

$7 million

St. Joseph Cathedral

$2 million

How We Serve

Catholic Charities

$10 million

Catholic Education

$17 million

Catholic Education Goal Breakdown

  • Tuition Assistance for Catholic Education
    $12 million
  • STREAM Program Enhancements
    $3 million
  • Campus Ministry
    $2 million